Fertile farmlands flank the roads almost everywhere in Patensie, leaving one with a restful feeling of wholesome goodness. This small town, near Humansdorp in the plentiful Gamtoos River Valley, centres on its citrus-farming community.
At certain times of the year, the air is fragrant with orange blossoms due to the orchards surrounding the town, and visitors can opt for some recreational orange-picking in season. Potatoes, tobacco and other vegetables are among Patensie’s other successful crops and for this reason it is sometimes called the breadbasket or the pantry of the Eastern Cape.

Purple jacarandas line the roads in summer and little gardens are planted on some of the street corners. The unpretentious prettiness of the farmlands is complemented by the low green hills, wide open skies and typically relaxed mood of the Eastern Cape. Patensie’s other claim to fame is its position at the eastern gateway of the Baviaanskloof Nature Reserve (the Port Elizabeth side).